L’oro di Spello

L’oro di Spello (‘The Gold of Spello’) is a folkloristic festival, which takes place in the first week of December, in order to celebrate the end of the olive harvest. The gatherers parade through the streets of the old town on their tractors, decorated with olive twigs, this march is known as corteo delle frasche. The feast culminates in the afternoon and it stretches over the evening with the Sagra della Bruschetta, a celebration that in addition to the typical bruschetta with olive oil, offers folk songs and dances too. Link

Local Fair

In the month of April, more precisely the first Wednesday after Easter, a local fair takes place in the charming village of Spello, consisting of stalls that sell various typical goods, like handmade cotton or wool sweaters, realized with great skill and creativity by women of the area.


In June, the colourful flower carpets of the Corpus Domini appear as if by magic on the town’s cobblestones, along every street and squarein the village; these masterpieces of harmony and design come to life in the space of a night. The plants and flowers used for it are carefully collected and prepared during the preceding months by the locals. The night before the Corpus Domini feast is quite impressive, as you can admire the artists arranging their floral designs. Link

Incontri per le Strade

The Incontri per le Strade (‘Meeting in the Streets’) takes place during the second half of August, featuring a retrospective or monographic exhibition, and several satellite events, concerts and shows.

Flower Film Festival

The Flower Film Festival is an international contest and film festival inspired by flowers, environmentally-friendly actions, landscapes and nature in all manifestations. It takes place in July.


Assisi: Franciscan Nativity Festival – January Angelano
Foligno: Fair on the occasion of the anniversary of Our Lady of Tears
Greggio: Franciscan Nativity Festival

Terni: Saint Valentine Festival
Foligno: Children’s Carnival in Sant’Eraclio
Norcia: Nero di Norcia

Norcia: Benedictine Celebrations

Narni: Corsa dell’anello
Todi: Rassegna antiquaria d’Italia (Antiques Fair)
Assisi: Mostra mercato nazionale dell’antiquariato (Antiques Fair)

Gubbio: Palio della Balestra– Corsa dei Ceri
Assisi: Calendimaggio
Bevagna: Art on the table and medieval night
Spello: Exolea
Montefalco-Bevagna: Cantine Aperte (Open Wine Cellars)

Spello: Infiorata del Corpus Domini
Foligno: Giostra della Quintana
Bevagna: Mercato delle Gaite
Castelluccio di Norcia: Festa della Fioritura (Blossom Festival)


Spoleto: Festival dei due Mondi
Perugia: Umbria Jazz Festival

Montefalco: Agosto montefalchese
Colfiorito: Red Potato Festival
Spello: Incontri per le strade – Villa Fidelia (Grandi Eventi)

Foligno: Giostra della Quintana – Segni Barocchi – Primi d’Italia
Assisi: Cavalcata di Satriano
Gualdo Tadino: I Giochi delle Porte

Assisi: National celebrations in honour of Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Italy
Trevi: Mostra Mercato del Sedano (Red Celery Festival)
Perugia: Eurochocolate

Città di Castello: Mostra mercato del tartufo (Truffle Festival)
Umbria: Frantoi aperti (Open Oil Mills)

Orvieto: Umbria Jazz Winter
Frantoi aperti (Open Oil Mills)
L’oro di Spello (The gold of Spello)
The biggest Christmas tree in the world
Live Nativity and art in churches, medieval villages and cities
Christmas markets selling gifts and gastronomic products