Terra dei Santi Country House is Americo and Delia’s dream come true, a married couple who wanted to revitalize the farmhouse owned by their family from generations. Their aim was creating a facility dedicated to hospitality in comfortable cottages, providing a true feel of the traditional Umbrian countryside.
The stables, the barn, the stores and even the farmhouse had lost their primary function, so they were either restored or rebuilt with environmentally friendly materials.
Nowadays Terra dei Santi consists of 6 cosy cottages with a well-thought interior design.
Americo’s passion for the countryside and rural traditions gave birth to the huge garden surrounding the complex.
Delia and Americo have personally supervised the selection of trees, shrubs and aromatic essences, in order to make their guests feel the spiritual bond with nature that characterises Umbria. The interior design inspiration in the cottages comes from revisiting the Umbrian traditions; the rustic local furniture matches the hand embroidered pastel curtains and bedding, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.