Discover Umbria pedalling among vineyards, olive groves and art.

A different way to wander and discover.

t is a slow-paced experience in contrast to the ‘hit-and-run’ style visits, which barely leave a mark in the tourist’s soul once they get back home. This mean of transportation allows you to get to know the area in depth, getting the true spirit of the land by visiting the most touristic spots but also those less known, which are often more authentic.
The morphological diversity of Umbria, shaped by green hills, villages and quiet roads make it an ideal place to enjoy bicycle rides.
Spello is located in the middle of the Assisi-Spoleto cycle lane, which runs through the Umbrian valley known as Valle Umbra, crossing through some of the most important historical centres of the region within a few kilometres, including Assisi, Bevagna, Foligno, Trevi and Spoleto.
The round-trip length of this route is 52.7 km, completely flat and suitable for everyone, including families with children, therefore any type of bike can be used for this ride, with no particular preferences.
More preparations can be made in order to complete this route in one day, but those who would like to go through it peacefully could divide it into two easy stages, placing the end of the first stage in the charming town of Bevagna and the end of the second stage in Spoleto. The result would be a first stage (Asssi-Bevagna) that runs through back roads with little traffic, and a second one (Bevagna-Spoleto) that runs entirely along the cycle track.
Terra dei Santi Country Cottage B&B aims to promote the use of bicycles as a way of getting around with zero environmental impact, therefore we offer free-of-charge use of bicycles for our guests.
Terra dei Santi is located in the immediate vicinity of Spello and only 2 km far from Foligno, what makes it easy to get into the cycle lane from our complex.

Visit Santa Maria degli Angeli and Assisi by bicycle, departing from the B&B.

When staying at Terra dei Santi, in Spello, you will live a spiritual and natural experience; walking through an area that was the scene of the most unique deeds of Saint Francis and the entire Franciscan history. Leaving Terra dei Santi B&B behind, after passing by the beautiful Villa Fidelia, you will find Rivotorto which is one of the most evocative Franciscan locations. Rivotorto preserves the building of the Sacro Tugurio (‘sacred hovel’), which is the place where Francis gathered together his followers before he obtained the ownership of the Porziuncola from the Order of the Benedictine Monks.
Despite the modifications that were made, the place is still imbued with the serenity of Francis and his first companions, and the absolute poverty described by his earliest biographers.

Leaving Rivotorto and cycling along the foot of Mount Subasio, you will get to Santa Maria degli Angeli, this church contains and preserves the beloved Porziuncola.
That was the place where Francis felt his mission bloom: to live in absolute poverty and preach the Gospel. It was also at the Porziuncola where the first companions of the Saint arrived and joined him, and where the first apostolate was originated in central Italy; the first “rule of life” was written there, and then submitted to Pope Innocent III.
This is also the place where Francis died on the evening of October 3, 1226, who had asked to be buried in bare earth (nowadays ‘Chapel of the Transit’), and also where the cord of the Saint’s habit is preserved, and used to bless the believers every year, on October 3.

From Santa Maria deglli Angeli head up towards Assisi, a city that is recognized as World Heritage site by Unesco.
Assisi presents countless locations to visit, first of all the basilica and the tomb of Saint Francis, but also the Basilica di Santa Chiara, the sanctuaries where Francis lived his dedication to Christ as well as the place where he was born and lived during his early years.
Those tourists taking this bicycle tour, will savour the Franciscan serenity, living an intense experience by going on a new kind of holiday. Terra dei Santi Country Cottage B&B provides free-of-charge bicycle use for its guests, offering a transfer service for the bikes on the outward or return journey, in order to ease the way. The route from Terra dei Santi to the Porziuncola (Santa Maria degli Angeli) has a length of of 12 km, it is mostly flat and it runs along the county road which connects Spello and Assisi, therefore it is within everyone’s reach.
The stretch from Santa Maria degli Angeli to Assisi runs uphill, but it can also be traversed by public transportation.

Spoleto – Assisi Cycle Lane

In this hectic times we live in, our world is full of noise and stress, therefore riding a bike during your holiday or just your time to relax, will provide you with a cultural growth which will help anyone to appreciate the territory in its entirety and also to restore the relationship between themselves and nature. Getting around by bicycle means discovering new landscape scenes characterized by walkways along river banks, canals, disused railways tracks, historic trails or hills, winding through fascinating natural settings that never look the same but are always surprising.
This cycle lane runs nearby Terra dei Santi Country Cottage B&B: 60 km fundamentally flat, that connect the two cities characterized by their historical and artistic beauty and the Franciscan values. In addition to the places and villages of great interest that this lane reaches, we consider relevant to mention the following sites: Fonti del Clitunno (a series of natural springs near Campello, so beautiful that they were even praised by Carducci), Casco dell’Acqua (a charming village crossed by the River Marroggia forming natural pools) and Bevagna (a beautiful small town, full of history, characterized by Roman remains and medieval monuments) along with other trails that allow you to discover wonderful and unusual views of the Umbrian countryside, making whosoever goes through it have a journey backwards into memory. From Spoleto you could opt for either going up through the ancient path that leads to Monteluco, a mountain that has been considered sacred since Roman times and was chosen by Saint Francis and his followers, as a place for meditation or heading towards Morgnano Mines, the first real industry of the city of Spoleto. From Campello you could either go through the path that gets to the castle of Pissignano or take the olive oil trail called strade dell’olio, that goes back to Trevi, allowing you to admire the beautiful stone terraces, full of olive trees. From Bevagna you could access the wine trail, called Strade del Vino, the trail of Sagrantino which goes back to Montefalco or that of the Cantico, which reaches, among others, the towns of Cannara, Spello and Assisi. From Spello you can take the olive grove path called Sentiero degli Ulivi, which winds along the Franciscan way, on the hillside of Mount Subasio, where the ancient olive trees enable the production of one of the finest olive oils in the region and in Italy. The Spoleto-Assisi cycle lane is just a few kilometres from Spello and Terra dei Santi; a new cycle lane is currently being built in order to link Spello and Foligno and the existing lane. This new track, currently under construction, will run along by the side of the main road that connects Spello and Foligno, which is about 500 meters from Terra dei Santi.
All guests at Terra dei Santi Country Cottage B&B will be able to ENJOY USING OUR BIKES, which are offered free-of-charge and will allow them to have a wonderful experience, enriching their holiday with a dive into history and nature.
The brave souls could reach the Spoleto – Assisi lane cycling from Terra dei Santi; on the other hand, those who would like to begin the experience from the cycle lane, could ask the owners of Terra dei Santi Americo and Delia, to transfer the bikes from the complex to the town of Torre di Montefalco in their Volkswagen van. One could say that this town is located in the middle of the lane, and from there you could either head towards Spoleto along the bank of the River Marroggia, through a flat trail, shaded by tall trees and perfumed by herbs and flowers that grow spontaneously along the bank of the river, or you could go to Bevagna, following a flat trail by the riverbank; first along the Marroggia, and then next to Bevagna, along the River Clitunno and the Timia until you get near the town of Cannara and reach the Topino, a tributary of the River Tiber.
Both parts of the trail are equally charming from a natural and historical perspective, therefore everyone can choose to go through either one or both stretches according to their strength and endurance, and still end up fascinated and satisfied.
This tour is suitable for families with children, as the entire lane is flat and most of it is shaded by trees, therefore riding through it will turn part of your holiday into a fun and pleasant excursion. This very tour has already been experienced by several of our guests with children, successfully and without presenting any difficulties, in such cases, Americo provided free-of-charge transfer and pick up for the bicycles from and to the complex.
Terra dei Santi Country Cottage B&B incentivize all those who love enjoying the peace and serenity when being in close relationship with nature, choosing to go through the trails without haste in order to explore this part of Umbria, impregnated with history and spirituality; if you happen to be one of those persons, we are quite sure you will not be disappointed.