An adventurous way to discover Umbria

motoThose driving their motorbikes through Umbria will grasp the meaning of beauty, discovering the heart of Italy, not only because of its geographical position, but because of the richness of the natural and artistic wonders that wind along its charming streets, waiting to be traversed.

Your trip will be full of surprises if you decide riding your own motorbike through Umbria. Towns full of castles, boundary walls, citadels, towers and noble courtyards, like Spello, Assisi, Bevagna, Montefalco, Trevi, Spoleto, Todi, Perugia and Gubbio, are the most significant locations that can be reached from Terra dei Santi B&B, through routes that will make every biker proud of being so. Taking Terra dei Santi B&B as a starting point you will be able to ride across a land that sublimely combine curves, landscapes, medieval villages and great food.

Hereinafter we provide some travelling ideas for those who feel like adventuring in order to discover the most beautiful and evocative corners in the region, riding their own motorbikes. These tours were born out of Americo’s passion for two wheels, hence the B&B owner himself will be at your disposal if you may need any help getting around on your bike.

1st Motorbike tour: the Valnerina and Umbrian-Marchigian Apennines

Round-trip length: 240 km


PLet’s start with this classic that artfully combines curves and nature of unparalleled beauty.

The total length of this route is about 240 km, therefore, knowing how much this path has to offer in terms of landscape, we advise you to leave early in the morning; right after fuelling yourself up with a great breakfast at Terra dei Santi B&B, so you can stop as often as you like along the way, in order to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Here is a brief description of the tour:

Departing from Spello, take the highway E45 only for a short stretch and you will reach Foligno, after the exit for Macerata-Colfiorito head towards Uppello, then keep going to Sellano, where you will go through the Soglio pass towards Cerreto di Spoleto. You will only encounter straight roads in the evening, as you make your way back to the bed and breakfast. Norcia certainly deserves a visit, as it is the homeland of Saint Benedict, Patron Saint of Europe. There are numerous norcinerie (places where you can eat homemade meat products) in which it will be hard to resist the temptation of having a great ciauscolo and fresh pecorino sandwich (a sandwich made of a variety of Italian salami, typical of the Marche region and Italian sheep’s cheese). Continuing from Norcia and going up towards Castelluccio, the scenery around you gets better progressively as you ride through the winding path, culminating in the spectacular Piana di Castelluccio, at the foot of Mount Carrier. At the beginning of June this plateau is painted with the beautiful colours of the local flora, during the famous Fioritura (blooming).
It is a sight worthy of admiration. After having a coffee at the little square called Piazzeta di Castelluccio you will be ready to leave again, this time for Camerino, passing through Visso and also by the beautiful Lake Fiastra.
Visso is particularly famous for its tasty and typical mortadella, whereas the Fiastra is a small lake within Monti Sibillini National Park, where there is even a nice equipped park that winds around the lake. From Camerino, as soon as you cross over Marchigian territory, you will pass through a magnificent road that will cradle you, curve after curve, during your return to Umbria, through the naturalistic towns of Pioraco and Fiuminata.

– Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello) – Sellano – Borgo Cerreto – Norcia – Castelluccio di Norcia – Visso – Fiastra – Camerino – Fiuminata – Nocera Umbra – Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello)

2nd Motorbike tour: the most delightful curves

Round-trip length: 229 km


Speaking of roads, without in any way belittling the magnificent landscapes that frame the path, this motorbike tour is one of the most beautiful that central Italy can offer.monteleone

Departing from Spello, take the highway E45 towards the stretch that will take you to Sant’Anatolia di Narco, which is located at the beginning of the Valnerina.

From there, leave the four-lane road behind in order to begin a winding path that crosses through the green mountains of the central Apennines and will take you up to Terminillo, in the province of Rieti. From Sant’Anatolia, keep going towards Terni, throughout Scheggino you will come across a mixed and rather narrow but well-kept roadway, which will put your skills as a rider to the test, especially when heading up to Terminillo from Rieti. This road is also the location of a famous uphill Time Trial, so do warm up your tires!

From Terminillo descend towards Leonessa, you will go through a stretch where even though the road surface is rather crumpled, it will offer you glimpses of landscape of unparalleled beauty. Once you get to the city, continue your journey towards Cascia, the town of Monteleone di Spoleto is worthy of a stop, for the sake of admiring the medieval village of Val Nerina.

– Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello) – Scheggino- Arrone- Terminillo- Leonessa- Cascia- Cerreto di Spoleto- Sellano- Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello)

3rd Motorbike tour: the city of Tufo

Round-trip length: 242 km


During this beautiful tour you will cut through the area and head into the Umbrian hinterland, after a few kilometres you will reach the neighbouring region of Latium, in order to visit the beautiful Lake Bolsena and Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as ‘the dying city’, an ancient Etruscan village on a valley crumbled by earthquakes, in the province of Viterbo, which is nowadays inhabited by just a few families and only accessible on foot. civita

Some of the backcountry roads you will ride are little-known gems, like the stretch between Todi and San Terenziano. This stretch of road is full curves and potholes, but if you go through it at the end of the summer, after the farmers have ploughed its fields, you will be able to enjoy amazing sceneries shaped by gorgeous colours. You will probably wonder how they ever managed to get their tractors into such steep hills.
If you happen to get hungry along the way, you will be spoiled for choice, because during the ride you will come across a great amount of traditional, cosy restaurants, through both Todi and San Terenziano, where you could taste various game dishes, typical from this particular region of Umbria. And that is not all, those who love racing in curves will find the road to Mount Peglia particularly interesting, if you are one of those riders who enjoy rolling curves this well-kept road is cut out for you, specially the stretch that goes up to San Venanzo from Orvieto.

– Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello) – Gualdo Cattaneo- San Venanzo- Monte Peglia- Orvieto- Bolsena- Civita di Bagnoregio – Ponte – Lago di Corbara – Todi – San Terenziano – Bastardo – Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello)

4th Motorbike tour: Civitella del Lago (Lake Corbara)

Round-trip length: 216 km


Yet another tour through the Umbrian hinterland, this time the route was designed to offer you a nice and refreshing (also edible) time in Civitella del Lago, an ancient village that was already inhabited by Roman times, perched on a hill overlooking Lake Corby.civitella_del_lago

Departing from Spello, driving through the Passo del Soglio (Sellano) you will reach Valnerina; then after a short stretch you should turn right towards Piedipaterno, where you will ride along the old but scenic and amusing road that links Spoleto and Norcia.
Once in Spoleto, after a nice break you could get into your motorbike again and head to Acquasparta towards Avigliano Umbro, crossing through Montecastrilli riding up and down the beautiful hilly areas of the region.

– Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello) – Sellano – Piedipaterno – Spoleto – Acquasparta – Montecastrilli – Avigliano Umbro – Civitella sul Lago – Todi – Ponterio – San Terenziano – Gualdo Cattaneo – Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello)

5th Motorbike tour: Upper Tiber Valley, Assisi, Gubbio, Cagli (Bocca Serriola), Città di Castello and Tuoro sul Trasimeno (Lake Trasimeno)

Round-trip length: 271 km


This tour will take you through the north of the region, in order to discover the backcountry roads crossing the upper Tiber Valley, and will allow you to run into several Umbrian small towns along the way, most of them are worthy of a visit, like the charming Gubbio, Citta di Castello and Tuoro sul Trasimeno among others.
The first part of the route winds around Assisi along a secondary road that crosses through the hills surrounding this town, after traversing the woods you will get to Valfabbrica, where you could go up to Casacastalda following a stretch of road which is very famous among local bikers because of its 10 km of perfectly paved hairpin turns. From Casacastalda you could continue towards Gubbio where stopping is a must.
Gubbio is one of the most famous small towns in Umbria: protected by the mountains that surround it on almost every side, this town hosts numerous events, the most famous of which is definitely the celebration of the Corsa dei Ceri, held every year on May 15. For those who would like to know more about Corsa dei Ceri, you could find helpful information about it here. In our opinion, the white truffle market which takes place each year from the end of October until the beginning November, is another not-to-be-missed event and with a little luck, the weather would still be mild enough for a beautiful ride on two-wheels and a white truffle tasting.
Continuing with the tour, from Gubbio you will get to Scheggia, once again along a road where you will have a very fun time; from there onwards, the route becomes very interesting in terms of riding. From Scheggia you will get to Apecchio, where you will climb up through the mountain pass of Bocca Seriola. Special attention should be paid by impetuous bikers who drive like they would in a MotoGP race rather than they ought in this pass, which is actually open to regular traffic. It is not uncommon to run into a few police patrols, especially on weekends, so please be cautious. Once you have crossed it, and after a brief stop in Citta di Castello, continue towards Lake Trasimeno, where after a nice rise to Lisciano Niccone, you can make your way to Tuoro. Visiting Passignano is a must; if you feel hungry, stop at the Faliero restaurant ’da Maria’, where you could enjoy a great torta al testo (traditional Umbrian flatbread).
At the end of their journey, those bikers visiting this area will have the certainty of knowing that Umbria is genuinely beautiful.
Terra dei Santi B&B is biker-friendly, as its owner Americo shares their passion for the road, landscapes and good food, especially the Umbrian ones!
There is a wide parking space in the complex, where you can leave your motorbike overnight.
Americo is a biker himself, therefore he will be able to advise you regarding specific aspects of the tours, due to his great knowledge of the beautiful Umbrian lands.
To begin with, the following places are not-to-be-missed: the famous Via della Valnerina, Norcia, Cascia, Castelluccio, Monteleone di Spoleto, Gubbio, the mountain pass of Bocca Serriola and Bocca Trabaria; the above mentioned are just a few of the many great motorbike tours through Umbria, which is a famous destination for two-wheels lovers.

– Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello) – Assisi – Valfabbrica – Gubbio- Scheggia- Cagli- Acqualagna – Apecchio – Bocca Serriola- Città di Castello – Promano – Mercatale- Lisciano Niccone – Tuoro sul Trasimeno – Passignano sul Trasimeno – Terra dei Santi B&B (Spello)